hey friend, Kara here!

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I am mama to the sweetest twins and married to my college sweetheart. I am also a full time wedding & elopement photographer based out of Middle TN. I'm all about the real, adventurous, a little bit silly, and totally authentic stuff.

On the topic of being totally authentic, here are a few quirky things you should know about me...

I'm obsessed with iced coffee and you will regularly find me drinking one even when its freezing. I'm constantly inspired by my little ones and finding new ways to play. Most recently it has been so fun and freeing to spin around while watch the clouds (I may even turn this into a little prompt). I can never get enough of thrifting, being in nature, or cheesy bread. Truth be told, I'm pretty awkward, but I'm learning to love myself for it. I frequently snort when I laugh and you will definitely find me crying at least once at every single wedding I photograph because I'm just so dang invested in every couple I work with!

a few core values that have shaped my business

Authenticity. I don't care too much for the fluff, I value real people being themselves. I will put in the extra time to get to know you so that I can capture you & your love in an honest way.


All love stories are welcome! I strive to create safe spaces that are welcoming and inclusive to all LGBTQ+ people, genderqueer people, and non-binary people. ALL couples are welcome and I would be so stoked to document your love story!


Adventure. Life is meant to be an adventure! Don't settle for tradition or expectation just because its status quo. I'm always down to travel to new places and try new things with the couples who inspire me.

Leave No Trace. My soul comes alive whenever I'm outdoors. I absolutely love being about to call public lands my "office" and I want to protect those lands so that they can be enjoyed for years to come. I am proud to be an official LNT Aware Photographer and practice LNT in all my outdoor adventures.



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I stumbled into photography in 2016 when my husband surprised me with my first camera. I was over the moon excited and at first I was shooting anything and everything I could get in front of my camera. It wasn't long until I realized that documenting love stories set my heart on fire!

I would describe my photography style as very laid back and natural. The little in between moments make for the best photos, and I’m not about capturing awkward prom poses and forced smiles. I want the real stuff - the stuff that’ll make you laugh till your cheeks hurt and will make your heart beat faster. I want to photograph the things that make you who you are, and the things that make your love unique. Because there’s only so many angles and poses and pretty locations, and they’ve all been done before - but what makes each photo special is the memories attached to it, and my goal is to make those unique to you!     

Now that you know all about me, head on over to my contact page here so I can get to know YOU! I can't wait to meet you, friend!