Are you afraid of looking or feeling awkward in your photos?

Are you afraid of feeling awkward in front of the camera?

I hear this all the time and, believe me, I’ve been on the other side of the camera feeling awkward and it’s no fun! The last thing I want you to feel is awkward or uncomfortable.

My style is heavily focused on REAL moments. When you book a session with me it won’t be an afternoon of staged poses, stiff smiles or the dreaded prom pose. No, it will be more like a really fun date with your favorite third wheel tagging along to document all those sweet moments.

Making sure you have an amazing experience is my TOP priority. I will pour time into getting to know y’all before and during the session so that I can capture all those little things that make your love story unique.

Wanna grab coffee together before heading out to the location, let’s do it! Wanna have some drinks to help loosen up, let’s do it! Wanna DO something (go hiking, have a picnic, rent a boat, rent bikes, ride in a hot air ballon, or anything else that is meaningful to YOUR relationship), let’s do it!

When you are comfortable and free to be completely yourselves your photos end up holding so much more meaning. I’ll do the heavy lifting to make sure you have an incredible time and look amazing. You just enjoy the moment, be yourselves, trust me, and have fun!! This is where the magic happens, and we create it together!

I invest a lot of time into getting to know my couples and making sure their experience is incredible. For this reason, I only have limited spots available and those are filling up fast! Inquire through my website for more information and to snag a spot!

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