Couples Styling Guide

Updated: May 9, 2020

"What should we wear?"

This is probably the number one question I receive from couples getting ready for their session. And with good reason too, because choosing what to wear can make all the difference in how your photos turn out. Below are all my tips and tricks to make choosing the perfect outfit just a little easier. 

Tip One: Things to Avoid

Let's start with the things you should try to avoid. I usually try to deter couples from choosing any bright or neon colors and busy patterns or bold graphics. All of these things can pull attention away from y'all, which is where we want all the attention to be. After all, these pictures are meant to document YOUR love story. 

Tip Two: Choosing Colors

So, how do you choose colors and tones that will draw the attention back to where to belongs, on y'all? Creamy neutrals and Earth tones. This is where the magic happens. The goal with choosing outfits is finding something that will blend into the background a bit so that the love between y'all really shines. A lot of this has to do with the location you choose. If you want to have your session on a beach with white sandy shores and bright blue ocean, your outfits should include creamy whites and neutral blues. If you want to have your session on a mountain side with deep greens and gray stone, your outfits should include neutral greens and grays. 

Tip Three: Patterns, Prints & Textures

While you should try to avoid really busy and bold patterns and prints, you definitely don't need to avoid these all together. Below is an example of how choosing a pattern that pulls from the natural tones in the location can really complement the photo without pulling attention away from the couple. Another great way to add a little variation in your outfits is to incorporate different textures. In the second photo below the couple are both wearing a variety of textures that all complement each other and the location. 

Tip Four: Coordinating Outfits

You know where you want to have your session and you have a color scheme for your outfits, now how do you find outfits that work well together? My number one tip for choosing outfits that compliment each other is trying to coordinate instead of trying to match. If you both are wearing blue jeans and a creamy white top it will be more distracting and will resemble those 90s photoshoots that your mom put together with everyone in matching outfits (or was my mom the only one who did that?). Instead, one of you could wear a creamy white top and blue jeans while the other wears a light slate blue dress. 

Tip Four: Bring Options

Choosing outfits can be intimidating and if you don't really know what will look best in the location that you've chosen, bring options! Your photographer will be able to work with you and help choose the best color, patterns & textures. Options are always a good thing in my book!

Tip Five: Be Yourself! 

My Last Tip, but probably my most important tip to remember, is be yourself and choose outfits that are comfortable and make you feel confident. I want you to feel your absolute best during these sessions! I love to play lots of games, do some running around and exploring on my sessions, it creates so much genuine joy and adds so much magic to the session. I always recommend wearing something that is comfortable and allows movement. If you are wearing a pair of jeans that are too stiff and tight or a jacket that won't let you raise your hands more than a couple of inches you will be focused on how uncomfortable you are and distracted from the joy of the moment. Lastly, this is YOUR session and YOUR love story. Most of these tips are based on my own aesthetic preferences. If you want to wear crazy wild outfits and thats what best compliments your personalities, I'm here for it and we will rock those photos!  

For more outfit inspiration, check out my Pinterest page! Have an awesome day!! 

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