Date Night Ideas Inspired by the 5 Love Languages

💓Date night ideas inspired by the 5 love languages!💓

Have an anniversary coming up, but not sure what to plan? Looking for some new ideas for date night? Here are some sweet and simple date night ideas that are inspired by the 5 love languages!

If you don’t know your love language yet, I highly highly recommend taking the quiz to find out! It not only will help you and your partner grow closer, but it will also help you discover how to love yourself better!

You can learn more about the 5 love languages and take the quiz *here*

You ready for some date night ideas??

🤍Quality Time - sunset picnic

Grab your favorite finger foods, your drink of choice, and a cozy blanket that you don’t mind getting a little dirty. Head to one of your favorite lookouts and enjoy the sunset together. Talk about you dreams, life, and all the things! Mostly, cozy up and just cherish some sweet time together.

🤍Words of Affirmation - “open when” cards

Build a fort in the living room, grab some wine or your drink of choice, and have fun writing some “open when” cards for each other. The idea is to write something you want your partner to read when…you’ve just had a fight…they’ve had a hard day…its your next anniversary…etc. Have fun and be sure to include one card that you want them to read that night!

🤍Receiving Gifts - TikTok target date night challenge

Head to target and split up! Grab one item that is your partners favorite color, one item that is their favorite snack, one item that reminds you of them, one item that is something you think they should try, one item that is something they need, and one surprise gift! Go home and reveal all the gifts! Have fun!!

🤍Acts of Service - spa night

Grab your favorite face masks, lotions, and bath bombs (Mine come from Lush), set the mood with some relaxing candles, a bottle of wine, and some chocolate covered strawberries, or your snack of choice. After taking some time to spoil your partner with a nice relaxing bath, take some time to give each other some massages!

Bonus points: before starting the date night complete one of your partners “chores” so they enjoy this time even more!

🤍Physical Touch - dancing under the stars

Grab a cozy blanket, your drinks of choice, and create a dancing playlist on Spotify. Head to your backyard or your favorite secluded park. Get really close and enjoy some time dancing together. Afterwords, cozy up extra close on your blanket and talk about your dreams, life, and all the things! The important idea here is to keep your hands on each other all night!

My love language is receiving gifts, but honestly think I would enjoy all of these date night ideas!

Leave me a comment and let me know what your love language is. Would you enjoy these date night ideas? 👇🏼

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