How to Make the Most of Your Couples Session

Setting aside a day, or an afternoon to document your love story is one of the sweetest ways to not only connect with each other, but to have this season of your lives captured so that you can cherish it for years to come.

Whether you just got engaged, have an anniversary coming up, or just want your adventure documented, your love story deserves to be celebrated in it's most authentic form. Couples sessions are one of my favorite ways to document love stories because there is no pressure or rush, y'all just get to spend the afternoon (or morning) cuddling and lovin on each other. How fun is that?

So, how do you make the most of it??

1. Make it Personal!

The more unique elements you are able to incorporate the more meaningful the images will be to y’all. Maybe you met skateboarding, or you love biking together, these are both really fun things we could do during your session to make it even more special for y’all. Hiking, fishing, renting a paddle boat, skating, laying in the hammock, going for a swim, making s’mores, stargazing, and the list goes on! Whatever is meaningful to y’all, I’m all for including it in your session!

Take a second and think about what you really love to do together. If you were planning the perfect day together, what would you want to include? Where would you want to be? Maybe you both love charcuterie boards and hiking, so we pack a picnic and head out on your favorite hiking trail. Maybe you love camping together so we set up camp at your favorite spot, get some sweet cuddly moments in the tent, make s’mores around a campfire and end the session dancing under the stars.

Think about the moments or times during your day together that you find the most meaningful. Maybe it’s waking up in the morning and enjoying coffee together so we start your session at home with cuddles in bed and coffee in your favorite spot. The options are endless!

Think about the places you have been to that hold a special place in your heart. Maybe it's the mountain top where your person first said those three words "I love you." Maybe it's the hiking trail in your hometown that you visit on a regular basis. Maybe it's somewhere you haven't been yet, but you both love adventuring and want to explore a new place together.

You deserve more out of your session than just running around for an hour taking picture after picture inspired by all the images you see on Pinterest. You deserve an experience that is unique to y’all and truly helps tell your love story.

No two love stories are the same, which is a pretty magical thing. The more personal and authentic elements of your relationship you include, the more connected you will feel to the images in the end. Documenting all those little things that make your love story unique is the ultimate goal so that you can look back years from now and remember just how you felt during this season of life.

2. Choose outfits that you are comfortable and confident in!

The outfits you wear can make a big impact on how the photos turn out. For a full guide on how to choose the best outfit’s for your session you can check out my blog post *here*.

To keep it brief, bright colors and bold patters can often be distracting and I usually recommend avoiding these. On the other hand, creamy neutrals make for the dreamiest tones and bring the attention back to whats important: y'all.

Be yourself and choose outfits that are comfortable and make you feel confident. You should feel your absolute best during your session! I love to play lots of games, do some running around and exploring on my sessions, it creates so much genuine joy and adds so much magic to the session. I always recommend wearing something that is comfortable and allows movement. If you are wearing a pair of jeans that are too stiff and tight you will likely be focused on how uncomfortable you are and distracted from the joy of the moment. 

Lastly, this is YOUR session and YOUR love story. If you want to wear crazy wild outfits and thats what best compliments your personalities, I'm here for it and we will rock those photos!

3. Make a day of it!

If possible, make a day of it! When you arrive at your session you should be excited and relaxed. Scheduling your session for a time right after you get off work might not be the best option. I completely understand if schedules are busy, but setting aside a day, or at least half of the day can make all of the difference!

You will feel so much better when you show up for your session if you have had an intimate day together, compared to if you got off work, had to rush to get ready, and fought with traffic all the way over to try and make it on time.

So how could you spend the day together before your session? Start things slow! Grab coffee from your favorite coffee shop and take the morning easy. You could pamper yourself with hair and makeup before your session, or even decide to give each other a massage and try some face masks. The options are really endless!

The point is, you should arrive at your session full of energy with limited distractions running through your mind. This will help to keep the focus on enjoying the moment and really being present with each other during your session.

4. Trust your photographer!

Let me guess, you’ve been scrolling through Pinterest and you have an entire board dedicated to the images that you wish you could get during your session. But guess what, you deserve more!

When you look back at your images you should feel connected to them and they should bring back all the memories. The last thing I want for y'all is for you to look back at your images and think, "sure, they are beautiful pictures, but it doesn't feel like us." All the incredible images you see on Pinterest are great, but nothing compares to the way your person holds.

You have a unique love story and it deserves to be documented in its most authentic form. The best way to get images that truly represent your love story, trust your photographer!

When you are comfortable and free to be completely yourselves your photos end up holding so much more meaning. I’ll do the heavy lifting to make sure you have an incredible time and look amazing. You just enjoy the moment, be yourselves, trust me, and have fun!! This is where the magic happens, and we create it together!

Taking pictures together often comes with this pressure to show this perfect, beautiful idea of a relationship.

Here’s the thing: love is messy. But honestly, the messy bits of love are what make it so beautiful. Being vulnerable, being completely yourself is scary and can be really difficult, but it’s also pure magic.

The only thing y’all need to bring to the table is yourselves and the photos inevitably end up being magical. Let’s celebrate and document your messy, vulnerable, and magical love story!

Are you ready to ROCK your couples session??

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