Intimate Backyard Wedding in Clarksville, TN

"You have one shot at planning your wedding day and it has to be *PERFECT*."

Whoa, that statement is both a whole lot of pressure and COMPLETELY false!

This myth about creating a *perfectly* styled, Pinterest-worthy, wedding that leaves all your guests happy and outshines your cousins wedding just ends up leaving *all* couples feeling like their wedding day wasn't good enough. It's not realistic and it's not attainable because *perfect* is completely relative.

You wanna know what really makes a wedding day PERFECT!? It's all the spontaneous, last-minute changes that no one could have planned or prepared for, but leave you embracing the moment and clinging to each other. After all, a marriage isn't about the location, the dress, or any other details, it's about the people. It's about the incredible commitment that you are making with your person!

A great example of that, this incredible wedding with the sweetest couple.

This sweet backyard wedding with Hayley and Cole ended up looking A LOT different than they planned, but honestly, their day was perfect. We had amazing weather and gorgeous skies. They exchanged vows, shared laughs, and danced the night away. It was one of the most beautiful and meaningful weddings I have ever witnessed because it was all about them and the love they share. They celebrated their love, made an incredible commitment together and will remember this day as the perfect day they became partners.

Now that's perfect!

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