Props and What to Bring to Your Engagement Session


Bringing a few "props" is a great way to make your engagement session even more unique to y'all.The more unique elements you are able to incorporate the more meaningful the images will be to y’all.

Maybe you met skateboarding, or you love biking together, these are both really fun things we could do during your session to make it even more special for y’all. Hiking, fishing, renting a paddle boat, skating, laying in the hammock, packing a picnic, going for a swim, making s’mores, stargazing, and the list goes on! Whatever is meaningful to y’all, I’m all for including it in your session!

What to Bring:

  • Outfit options - Maybe you have a couple outfits you want to change into, or maybe you just can't decide which to go with. Bring the options with you and I can help you decide which combinations would photograph best at your location

  • Prop options - If you want to incorporate one or two of your hobbies or interests, I'm all for it! One tip, if we are going to be doing a lot of hiking I suggest leaving the props behind or choosing something that won't add too much weight to your packs.

  • Comfy shoes - If your location requires hiking, this is a must! pack the shoes you want to wear in your photos and just change whenever we get to a spot where we want to stop for a few pictures. Even if we aren't doing a lot of hiking I suggest bringing some comfortable shoes that you can change into after the session. You will thank me later!

  • Water - we will be doing a lot of running around, let's keep y'all hydrated!

  • Bug spray - This is a must for Tennessee sessions, especially in the summer months! I will have some if you happen to forget!

  • Snacks - Nobody wants to take pictures when they are hangry.

  • Makeup & hairspray - For touchups if you think you will want it. You might also consider blotting pads if you are worried about sweating.

Lastly, just come ready for an adventure! You may not always see the same thing your photographer is envisioning in that random corner of the field, but just keep an open mind and trust them. Together y'all will make some magic and create some amazing memories!! Have fun!!

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