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Before you commit to anything I want to be sure we are a good fit and that the experience I want to give you is everything you've dreamt and so much more!


Here's the truth, I'm not the photographer for everyone! If you are hoping for a quick session where you can remake all your favorite poses on Pinterest, we might not be the best fit. If you are looking for someone who will make sure every hair is in it's place and your dress is always laying perfectly, I might not be the photographer for you. If you are just looking for another vendor to show up on the day of, do their job and leave, we are probably not the best fit. 

I'm not just another vendor for you to check off the list, I genuinely want to be friends. It may sound cheesy, but I truly just care so much and want to be more than just your photographer


Photography is more than just beautiful pictures at sunset. My goal is to provide a space where you can be completely yourselves. It's about the belly laughs, the unexpected tears, the gentle touch of a hand, the booty grabs, and the heart pounding emotion that is completely unique to you. I won't force you into poses just because it's my favorite one or I think it will look good on my instagram. I will take the time to get to know you on a deeper level and document all the little moments that truly tell your love story.




Society is constantly reinforcing the desire for instant gratification and as a culture, it's becoming more popular to get the things we want as quickly as possible. That is not what this experience will be like. I intentionally pour time into getting to know y'all and really understand the love you share so that I can document it in it's truest form. When you inquire and start looking through the packages that I offer you will notice this theme popping up more and more. I do not offer short wedding day packages or 1 hour couples sessions because I full-heartedly believe that you cannot build connection without spending time together.

One of the main reasons that more time is a foundational component to the experience is because I value authenticity. My goal is to create a space where you feel safe and empowered to be completely yourselves. You have a one of a kind love story and it deserves to be documented for what it is. No fluff or fake poses, just y'all lovin' on each other the way that is true to you. So, how do I foster authenticity? By building trust, listening and getting to know you, and allowing space for you to make the moment yours.

For a very long time I believed that I needed to have a "life of the party" personality in order to be the adventurous photographer I knew I was. But I cannot preach authenticity, if I am not being my authentic self. I am a natural peace maker which allows me to offer a calm reassurance on possibly one of the most anxiety provoking days. Don't mistake peace for stiff and rigid, we will absolutely have so much fun (trust me, we will know each other so well by the time I start snapping pictures that we already feel like best friends) and share loads of laughter.


I am all for couples breaking the rules and creating a day that truly reflects the love they share. When you boil your wedding day down to its simplest form, its all about you marrying the love of your life, so why not do it in a way that feels true to you. The last thing I want is for you to look back on the day you exchange vows with regret. When you imagine a perfect day spent with your partner, what are you doing? where are you? what do you have planned for the day? who is with you? Now, imagine this perfect day is the day you exchange vows. You absolutely deserve it and my goal is to come alongside you and guide you in crafting this perfect day. I won't just show up on the day of, snap some pictures and leave, I will invest time into being there to help you and serve you throughout the whole process. 

Your story deserves to be documented in a way that brings back all the emotion. I want you to be able to look at your photos 10, 20, 50 years from now and remember exactly how you felt and just how much you loved each other in this moment.



You won't find any awkward, stiff, prom poses here. My shooting style is very laid back and natural. I'm all about the real stuff. I will guide you along the way so that your not standing there wondering what to do, but I will never force you into something that feels unnatural. These are your memories and this is your love story. Together we will make some magic!


Every love story is unique. For this reason, I do not stick to a strict style. My goal is to make the interacting, the shooting, and the editing all reflective of what the moment was actually like. These are your memories, it's not about me. Any artistic choice I make is meant to help tell the story so you can relive the moment over and over again.


I only take a few weddings and elopements on per year and a few couples sessions per month. This is because you are my priority and I want to serve each and every one of my couples my absolute best, and I just can't do that if I've got 2 weddings every weekend of the year. You deserve a photographer who is able to grab drinks together when planning gets overwhelming, or hop on a video call to celebrate when you find the dress of your dreams. By limiting the number of weddings, elopements and sessions I take, I am able to give that much more of myself to you.

if you are reading all this and thinking:

"you are exactly the friend I was looking for to document our love story, I can't wait to make some magic!"

Let me just say, you have no idea how much this means and how stoked I would be to celebrate your love story with you and be there to document each special moment!! The next step is to send me an email *here* and I will get back with you as soon as possible with loads of details and excitement so we can start planning your unique adventure!!!